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New blades and image throughout the Rossignol paddle collection. The brand launches its lighter blade collection, maintaining its power.

Rossignol has presented its new 2020 collection of paddle blades at the Indoor Pàdel7 club in Santpedor. The Rossignol commercial team Joel Gómez and Rober Rodríguez presented an innovative collection that goes one step beyond the blades that were born in 2017. Rossignol's formula for success is, in large part, in the Artés factory in Barcelona, where Its R&D department does not stop applying improvements whose result is a lighter, more groundbreaking collection and with new technical aspects.

Rossignol has opted to concentrate its collection of blades in its three star models: the 550, the 350 and the HERO model. A collection that is completed with small variations of the three main models to adapt them to the needs of each player. Among the novelties, a much more visual design with a large recognizable R from any corner of the track and the first rugged shovel of the collection.

palas 550 Rossignol.jpg



In the range of POWER we find the 550 blades. The 550 HARD with the hardest surface, the 550 POWER, more balanced and the 550 REACT, for those who want an agile but equally reactive and powerful blade. For this range, the color red, sign of power and strength has been used along with the design details of the Rossignol textile collection. In addition, it incorporates a side window where the inner carbon of the blade is visualized.














The Rossignol POLIVALENCE range is divided into two 350 models for players looking for game power without relinquishing control. For them, the 350 POWER, the most balanced blade in the collection and the 350 EFFECT, the first rugged blade in the Rossignol collection with one more control point than its twin sister, has been designed. The color of the collection is yellow, an intense and elegant tone, which next to the side window that shows the carbon in the construction of the blade is distinctive of the high quality of the blade

















The HERO range is inspired by the entire collection of competition skis and is designed for those future champions looking for a lightweight control paddle that can accompany you during the progression of your game level. The HERO TOUCH has a drier touch and a little more output than its sister HERO, more intended for casual and junior players who want a quality shovel. For them, the tone used is lava red, the same red that is used in HERO competition skis and which is the identity mark of the competition.



Event attendees had the opportunity to try the new collection of blades and comment on their impressions of the new models. A collection that will be available in stores from December and whose prices will range from € 189 (HERO) to € 299 of the top model range (550 HARD).




palas 350 Rossignol.jpg
palas Hero Rossignol.jpg
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