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The British footwear brand Inov8 is incorporated to the portfolio of brands that Megasport distributes exclusively in Spain, Andorra, and Portugal.  Inov8 was founded in 2003 by Wayne Edy and is pioneer on the use of graphene on sportive footwear.


Trail Fly-1085.jpg

As it names suggests, Inov8 is a brand based on innovation and on overcoming the limits of runners whatever the terrain is. Already in 2003, the brand founder Wayne Edy designed a footwear that captivated the running community, and it was the birth of a footwear brand that it is now present in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Inov8 surprised the world in 2018 when they announced the first running shoes made with graphene. The collection G-Series was composed by 3 different shoes: one for Trail Running (Mudclaw G 260), another one for asphalt (Terraultra G 260), and a third one for CrossFit (F-Lite G 390). The brand’s 3 models where extremely resistant, able to last between 1.600 and 1.700 km, as opposed to the 600 to 800 kilometres that is the average lifespan of a conventional sports shoe. This differential factor was well received by runners from all over the world. Nowadays, Inov8 has 3 different ranges of products: Run, Gym and Hike.

Almost 20 years later, hundreds of shoes from Inov8 wins podiums year after year. Apart from the shoe collection, Inov8 has a collection of clothing and accessories of running, trail running and mountain, completely designed for all of those who are lovers of the sport.

Megasport will initiate its distribution the next Spring/Summer season 2023 for all the Spanish market, that has been reinforced with a permanent brand showroom on its offices.

With the incorporation of Inov8 and UYN this winter, Megasport extends more its already range of products in the Outdoor segment. The distribution company owns the distribution of important mountain and skiing brands like Haglöfs, Black Diamond, Lowa, Rossingol, Spyder, Peak Performance, Briko, Protest, Dynastar, Lange or Giro snow. 

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