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From the summer 2020, the outdoor footwear brand Lowa will be marketed by the distributor Megasport in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Lowa, based in Germany, is one of the world's leading outdoor footwear brands. Lowa manufactures more than 2.9 million pairs of footwear annually with a “100% Made in Europe” production.

When Lorenz Wagner opened the doors of his shoe factory in 1923 in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf, no one could imagine that, more than 90 years later, this company would be shipping its high-quality footwear to over 75 countries in the world.


Maintaining its genuine commitment to quality, comfort and fit, Lowa has become one of the leading brands in the field of mountaineering and technical footwear.

Lowa's constant commitment to quality, proximity trade and respect for the environment has resulted in a 100% "Made in Europe" production.


The brand, which continues its expansion, works with various elite athletes in a wide range of outdoor sports to test their products and apply the best technical innovations in the sector.
Megasport begins this summer 2020 its distribution for the entire Spanish, Andorran and Portuguese market.

With the distribution of Lowa, Megasport is consolidated as one of the most powerful distributors in the Spanish market of the outdoor segment. Megasport has in its portfolio with leading brands in the ski and mountain world such as Haglöfs, Black Diamond, Rossignol, Spyder, Peak Performance, Briko, Protest, Dynastar, Lange or Giro.

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