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The past November 11th the VI Gala de los Deportes were celebrated in the indoor ski slope SnoZone, located in Madrid. The event was composed by mainly two different parts, the awards ceremony of the VI Premios Nacionales de los Deportes de Nieve.



Also, the presentation of the season 2022/2023 of the different Ski Stations located in Spain. It was held by the RFEDI (The Spanish Federation of the Winter Sports) and the ATUDE (the main organization that groups the 35 ski stations located all over Spain)

The most important thing of this ceremony were the awards that were given in the VI Premios Nacionales de los Deportes de Nieve. The awards, already consolidated in the sector and considered one of the most relevant dates in the calendar, were created six years ago by the RFEDI with the purpose of paying tribute and honours to the sector and the members of it, also to award athletes, ski stations, federations of the different part of Spain, ski clubs’ brands, institutions and more.

During the celebration many things took place, between these things the most relevant ones were the presentation of the different ski stations in Spain and the reward to the specialist of the sector alongside the brands that have had a huge positive impact in the sector like MEGASPORT.

MEGASPORT was awarded for being the company with the biggest involvement in the promotion of the snow sports. MEGASPORT has been always working to improve the sector and many years ago started working with the Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno to offer them the best equipment and material, which is why this year we have been award with this category.

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