Megasport S.A is Lolë official distributor in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Founded in 1990, it is for years now one of the best distribution companies in Iberian Peninsula and is a safe value for all brands stand for exclusivity.


Lolë was born in Montreal in 2002 with a collection of clothing designed for women who practice activities such as yoga, fitness, outdoor, running or pilates and who take care of their look. It has a fresh, modern and with designs according to the latest trends. The Canadian brand has achieved a perfect balance between functionality, technicality and quality that adds to a feminine design very carefully and whose result is an exceptional product that wins fans every day. 


Lolë is a brand commited to the environment, that is reflected in different ways: The use of the seal bluesign® that incorporate wide of its products or initiatives like "Yellow Label" that consists in giving a second opportunity to the clothes that have already been used.

Megasport wants to make Lolë a benchmark in our country, consolidate it and create a huge community of followers like it has been achieved in North America.