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Megasport S.A is INOV8 official distributor in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Founded in 1990, it is for years now one of the best distribution companies in Iberian Peninsula and is a safe value for all brands stand for exclusivity.


Inov8 is a brand based on innovation and pushing the limits of runners whatever the terrain is. Back in 2003, founder Wayne Edy designed a shoe that captivated the running community and was the birth of a shoe brand present in more than 60 countries around the world.

In 2018 Inov8 surprised the world by announcing the world’s first running shoes made with graphene, extremely durable shoes that were capable of lasting twice as many kilometres as conventional running shoes. This differentiating was very well received by runners around the world. In addition to footwear, Inov8 has a collection of running clothing and accessories, trail running, and mountain designed for enthusiasts of this sport.

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