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Megasport S.A is Fitflop's official distributor in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Founded in 1990, it is for years now one of the best distribution companies in Iberian Peninsula and is a safe value for all brands stand for exclusivity.


FitFlop believe in your dreams, it knows that your feet are very important, that life is too short not to choose unique shoes and says ergonomic fit shoe can change your day. So the basis of your footwear is biomechanics, and has always thought it was great to feel comfortable. 


Since the brand appeared 7 years ago, FitFlop has reinvented the rules of combining comfort and style with the most advanced ergonomic technologies, offering fabulous collections of sandals, stylish sneakers, fun and flashy super-comfortable clogs and boots.


The result is 22 million pairs sold, proving that women demand beautiful, comfortable shoes at a time, without compromising on style.

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