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Megasport S.A is Cougar's official distributor in Spain and Andorra. Founded in 1990, it is for years now one of the best distribution companies in Iberian Peninsula and is a safe value for all brands stand for exclusivity.


In 1948 Walter Sedlbauer and Anthony Ronza, took  over a factory that was making parachutes. Demand for parachutes ended when the war finished, but the factory  was fully set up with sewing machines and equipment. They started maiking shoes.


In 1976, they created a practical, durable, winter boot influenced by work boots that put it on the map. The no-nonsense Pillow Boot was built to keep feet warm and dry. Made with soft padded caramel leather and a warm red felt lining, it met the needs of a country that knew all about long cold winters and shoveling snow. They sold more than 8 million pairs of Pillow Boots. People started asking for them by name, calling them ‘Cougar boots’ and the brand had worked its way into Canadians’ hearts.


Today, Cougar is a style leader producing footwear that is more fashionable than ever before. Yet, remaining true to their heritage, it has all the function they have always been known for. Their immediate focus is growing in the North American market and Europe.

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